The Politics Of Negotiating Eu Readmission Agreements Insights From Morocco And Turkey

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This article discusses the role of EU incentives and third country preferences and shows that beyond the role of this instrument of co-optation of third countries in the fight against irregular migration, a number of obstacles have forced the EU to rethink the design of EURA and to take into account national and regional factors. This article deals with the meanings and representations that euras carries in third countries and the implications for the logic of consequences and adequacy in the context of the EU`s external migration policy. J. Tolay (2012), Turkey`s Critical Europeanization”: Evidence from Turkey`s Immigration Policies, In: S. Paçacı Elitok and T. Straubhaar, Turkey, Migration and the EU: Potentials, Challenges and Opportunities. Hambourg: Hamburg University Press, p. 54. DOI-Link for The politics of negotiation EU Readmission Agreements: insights from Morocco and Turkey Wolff, S.

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