Tesco Mobile Credit Agreement

9.9 If you notify us that your mobile phone and/or SIM card is lost or stolen, we have the right to prevent use on the network. We may also exchange the identity of the mobile phone with other network operators who choose to prevent the use of the mobile phone on their networks. 2.6 Although we end up to send your SIM card and, where applicable, your mobile phone within seven working days of the date of your order online or by telephone, we are not responsible if we do not do so partially or totally due to circumstances that are not controlled. For orders containing a mobile phone, a signature may be required upon delivery. If necessary, this will be explained to you before placing your order. 9.1 The Tesco Mobile Pay monthly service is not available in all regions of the UK or in all other countries. It may be limited to certain areas in areas where access to the monthly Tesco Mobile Pay service is possible. Not all mobile phones can receive the monthly Tesco Mobile Pay service in all countries for a number of reasons, including the technology used to operate the country`s mobile networks, or the mobile phone may be linked to another network. We agree to provide the monthly Tesco Mobile Pay service only for mobile phones of a type and form that we have approved. 2.3 Acceptance of your offer is subject to successful completion of a credit check. 2.10 If we are unable to provide the SIM card and, where applicable, a mobile phone, for any reason that is not under our control, we will not be liable to you and you may choose to cancel part or all of the order. 2.1 Your included amount can be used for calls within the UK: a) Standard UK fixed (numbers from 01, 02, 03 or 080).

(b) 07 numbers allocated to UK mobile operators providing mobile services with significant national coverage (currently including the six major operators O2, EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Three, as well as providers such as Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and BT Fusion). 13.4 We may ask you to pay your fees by direct debit. If you pay by credit card, encourage the payment company to provide us, and under strict confidentiality obligations, with your payment card account details to our subcontractors and/or agents, to the extent necessary as part of your agreement with us, and to inform us if your payment account is terminated or blocked at any time. 6.6 You may charge or pay either by voucher, electronic top-up, credit or debit card, or by any other means approved by us. 6.3 Each time you use your mobile phone for paid use, your calls, text and data quotas are first reduced by the amount of paid use: a) Once you have exhausted one of your inclusive quotas, a fee is charged for any additional use of the paid mode consumed, such as.B. Your security buffer, refill or maximum limit (“paid additional usage limit”). b) If you have exhausted your entire additional usage limit, you may continue to use all available calls, texts or data, including the abatement. c) Once you have reached your additional paid usage limit, you must make a top-up or payment in order to continue using the type of paid usage you have consumed. It`s up to you to decide how much to top up or deposit into your account.

You can continue to receive incoming calls (except incoming calls while roaming at an international destination), even if you haven`t made a top-up or payment, but you can`t make any other paid use. . . .