Sober House Agreement

Overnight exit is only allowed after a resident has completed the 30-day trial period and is in good condition with the home (including employment). You can leave up to two nights a week overnight. You are responsible for another resident taking care of all the menagagée tasks you have during your night. I have to talk to someone about a sober building in my 4 children. This is very important. Someone contacted me, please. To answer your question, she cannot enter no one`s room without cause, but a house manager has the right to go to all rooms at any time if you have signed the application and rules to give permission to the manager by signing this request Residents are expected to respect the confidentiality and anonymity of their peers. What is said at Brightside stays at Brightside Sober Living House. c. General Assembly – All members of the house must attend the weekly meeting.

The weekly appointment takes place on Sundays at 18:00. Residents must bring AA attendance cards and can count on participation in random AAs. All house questions, concerns and business will be discussed at this meeting. If a sober house could simply change locks without you having a lock on your door, it`s legal Hello I`m in California and I`m in the process of having my sober building established. So far it is soley out of pocket and I am about to register and I have a tenant who (my mistake and I knew it) last year when buying a property; lost her house (she is a friend of my mother &bf) with her 5th wheel. They have a camp permit on site all year round and they had an agreement to be there every 30 days for 10 days to park and pay a small monthly bill, so I went ahead and tied them to the septic tank (we are integrated and everything is up to the code, have our own electrical box, etc.). BUT THEY NEVER LEFT!. she went ahead to move in with a teenage granddaughter, they use drugs; refused to sign anything, knows that it is a sober means of subsistence to the coalition and that he is now squatting! She had stolen two wi-fi boxes from one of the duplexes, so I finally unlocked the cable, but now all the tenants are suffering. I have been approved for 3 new tenants, 2 by the courts on probation programs and I will look for p.-o.

here and 1 with the housing agency on coupon program and inspections shortly. What can I do, I work as a sober life guide, and at the meeting she took the minutes of her writing. She knows all the rules she hates and told the tenants that she refused to leave and was trying to get me to shut down. For what, I don`t know, but I don`t have a lease, it should only be a parking space. Should I distribute them bc all the others has a 4 hour notification and she arrived last year as far as a request and refused to do more bc, she said that her bf would never sign anything until she did it on drugs!! What can I do? I don`t want to lose my good repor, I`m trying to build community, and it really screws up my goal of helping here (I know I screwed up trying to help someone I know. I`ve been in business for a long time and I know it better, but I`m in this seat to know..) Ideas?. . .