Sba Franchise Agreement

The form requires the indication of the type of agreement used. Options include: The directory does not contain links to the sBA-certified franchise agreement or the traded addendum for a brand. Lenders can count on the brand`s presence in the directory and receive the SBA 2462 form or the SBA addendum negotiated from the franchisor to process the loan. To remain on the list, franchisors who do not need to add or who use a negotiated SBA addendum must provide the SBA with an annual certificate, Form SBA 2464. Form SBA 2463 will be deleted from January 1, 2018. The SBA recognizes that franchisors have a legitimate interest in franchises and that franchisors must retain a right to audit and authorize the transfer of a franchise. For the SBA – the unit that decides whether or not to authorize a loan to a franchisee – a franchisor`s right to authorize transfers may not be absolute or unlimited. In other words, the franchise agreement must contain a language and a right in which the franchisor acknowledges that verification and authorization of a franchise transfer by the franchisor is “not unduly withheld or delayed.” Effective January 1, 2018, sBA has adopted new rules to further simplify the franchise membership verification process in THE SOP 50 10 5 (J). Lenders no longer need to verify the membership or authorization of the franchise documentation. The SBA has established a new directory of SBA (“directory”) franchises that will be available on and will contain relevant information for lenders considering SBA financing for a proposed franchisee. Small Business Administration`s “7 (a) loan program serves as a reliable and effective source of financing for new franchisees. The SBA 7 (a) loan program is the main loan program offered by the SBA to franchisees who purchase a franchise and create their franchise business.

Under this program, the SBA does not lend, but encourages eligible BANKS of the SBA to lend to eligible start-ups and, in return, the SBA will repay a significant portion of the bank (up to 85%) guarantee. loan. A franchisor who wants its franchisees to be able to obtain SBA credits to finance their franchises must be included in the SBA franchise directory. The list, which is managed on the SBA website, tells franchisees and credit banks which franchise systems are eligible for SBA-supported loans. Terms and conditions of eligibility: The relaxed eligibility requirements for the Paycheck Protection Program mean that this program can be made available to certain franchisees and franchisors in different sectors who traditionally are not eligible for SBA funding. The terms and conditions of eligibility for a “company” are that the company: All applications for the approval of franchise agreements and the list must be sent to For all franchised loans approved for the remainder of the calendar year, lenders must continue to follow the procedures described in THE SOP 50 10 5 (I). SBA indicated that technical corrections to SOP 50 10 5 (J) are being developed.

We will inform you of any other changes or changes related to the new franchise review process. For more information, please contact Jennifer at 267-470-1206 or To be listed in the SBA franchise Directory, an SBA franchisor must submit its franchise agreement, its franchise disclosure document (FDD) and any other documents that the franchisee must sign by the franchisee. The SBa then conducts an aptitude test (explained below) and an aptitude assessment.