Covid Rent Relief Agreement

You can apply to the compulsory conciliation body for housing rentals in order to obtain assistance in reconciling a rent reimbursement contract with the tenant. If you reach an agreement, the rent refund agreement can be converted into a mandatory injunction from the Commissioner. If the tenant does not comply with the terms of the mandatory order, you can go to court. The amending regulations also specify that a tenant has not violated his lease if he has submitted a valid application for rent relief and that the moratorium on the eviction of a tenant from an immovable due to non-payment of rent as of March 29, 2020 remains by becoming under the amending regulations, but that it has been extended to non-payment of expenses. You do not have to terminate the contract. If you are behind on rent, you should negotiate a rent refund contract with the landlord. The mandatory conciliation service for housing rentals can help. You cannot increase the rent during the emergency period with an existing tenant. You can contact the free small business financial advisory service near you for help in developing your financial situation. If a tenant rents or fails to pay or cannot open expenses with a relevant rental agreement during the response period, the lessor cannot take any mandatory action. When an act relates to another matter or is taken by mutual agreement (e.g. B as part of a negotiated solution), this is not a mandatory measure.

In cases where a tenant is in self-isolation, the tenant may be asked to provide photos and videos of the property, as the person wishing to make the visit cannot enter the property. To terminate a periodic or temporary rental agreement, a tenant is required to inform the lessor in writing at least 21 days before the scheduled end date. The notice period for accommodation contracts is seven days. If a tenant terminates a fixed-term rental or accommodation agreement before the end date of the rental for financial reasons related to COVID-19, the lessor is not allowed to violate the rental fee. The moratorium on evictions is for tenants who cannot pay their rent due to financial hardship due to COVID-19.